Multidex trick to unpack Android/BianLian

Summary (spoiler?) for those who don’t want to read it all :)

The malware does not use DexClassLoader to unpack the payload DEX. Instead it loads the payload as a secondary DEX through multidex support. The packer re-implements multidex support and mainly changes names & adds asset decryption.

You can use my Java program to decrypt the asset and access the payload.

What makes this sample difficult to unpack

Detecting it is packed

DroidLysis detects the sample is packed


This is where the unpacking actually begins! For clarity, I renamed the method “install_multidex”. Its original name was of course obfuscated to “a”. It is a bit difficult to spot so much happens through this simple call…
Obfuscated bot configuration strings. De-obfuscation occurs through i.a()
Isn’t that nice? JEB automatically decrypts strings when a simple algorithm is used. JEB doesn’t do all the work though, you still have to reverse engineer to understand the meaning: I manually renamed obfuscated name h.a to h.PAYLOAD_EXTENSION etc.

Automating the unpacking

Static program to unpack the asset — java UnpackJwi
$ unzip -l 
Length Date Time Name
--------- ---------- ----- ----
906456 2022-01-14 11:05 classes.dex
--------- -------
906456 1 file

So, how is the DEX loaded if not with DexClassLoader?

Original code from (not malicious!)
Malware’s version. The input is deflated and decrypted.

More recent samples of January 14 (today)

generic_x86_64:/data/data/com.friend.bronze/app_DynamicOptDex # ls



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