Reversing “V-Alert COVID-19” Android/BankBot

DroidLysis’ output shows the malware uses DexClassLoader
## DexClassLoader
- file=…gsxtysyue/rqjgllnxahaafqsyplz/lcoguawmyxbdzriqeiczstw/Ncoffeetop.smali no=3864 line=b’ invoke-virtual/range {v1 .. v6}, Lgohcthplmgmyrcnhcgsxtysyue/rqjgllnxahaafqsyplz/lcoguawmyxbdzriqeiczstw/Ncoffeetop;->squeezedefy(Ljava/lang/String;Ljava/lang/String;Ljava/lang/String;Ljava/lang/reflect/Field;Ljava/lang/ref/WeakReference;)Ldalvik/system/DexClassLoader;\n’
- file=…gsxtysyue/rqjgllnxahaafqsyplz/lcoguawmyxbdzriqeiczstw/Ncoffeetop.smali no=5445 line=b’.method public squeezedefy(Ljava/lang/String;Ljava/lang/String;Ljava/lang/String;Ljava/lang/reflect/Field;Ljava/lang/ref/WeakReference;)Ldalvik/system/DexClassLoader;\n’
- file=…gsxtysyue/rqjgllnxahaafqsyplz/lcoguawmyxbdzriqeiczstw/Ncoffeetop.smali no=5474 line=b’ const-class v0, Ldalvik/system/DexClassLoader;\n’
- file=…gsxtysyue/rqjgllnxahaafqsyplz/lcoguawmyxbdzriqeiczstw/Ncoffeetop.smali no=5535 line=b’ check-cast p1, Ldalvik/system/DexClassLoader;\n’
As malware’s namespace are long it is particularly helpful to use the search function in the Bytecode/Hierarchy panel
Obfuscated squeezedefy() method uses DexClassLoader
String dexpath = this.dreamdrill(v12);
Do not pay attention to junk code, and focus online on the last line, calling slowunusual()
this.Uobligeparrot = String.valueOf(Oconductgaze.pioneerwhat(Integer.numberOfTrailingZeros(Math.round(((float)Color.alpha(Integer.reverse(Math.getExponent(((float)Integer.signum("255"))))))))))).trim().intern().toString()).trim().intern();
Filename decoding function. Lots of junk code.
pioneerwhat() method, without junk code and explicit variable names
# ls
app_DynamicLib app_DynamicOptDex cache code_cache shared_prefs
Main of the malware, from the unpacked, decrypted DEX.

Mobile and IoT malware researcher. The postings on this account are solely my own opinion and do not represent my employer.

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Mobile and IoT malware researcher. The postings on this account are solely my own opinion and do not represent my employer.

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